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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Swap-bot ESG: My 5 Favorite Candy Bars

I did my candy bar page on my blog as chaari did. I thought that was a great idea. These are my Favorite 5 candy bars ranked from 5 to my number one favorite. It was pointed out to me that this was suppose to have a reason for liking so I am editing my post.

5) Butterfinger Candy Bar
My favorite candy bar even as a kid. I loved Halloween and getting little butterfingers in my bag. 

4)Ritter Sport Strawberry Creme in Milk Chocolate
This is a recent add to my favorite list. I found it at our grocery store and I tried it because I love strawberry flavored food. 

3) White Chocolate Kit Kat Candy Bar
I love white chocolate and the crisp in these is excellent. I use to wait for Easter because it use to be the only time you could get white chocolate bunnies. 

2) Hershey's Cookies and Creme Candy bar

A perfect marriage of white chocolate and chocolate cookies. 

1) Payday Candy Bar
My dad would bring these home every now and then for a treat so I loved them as a child because my dad loved them.