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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

cross stitch bookmark in progress

This is a counted cross stitch bookmark I am working on. All I have left to do is outline all the flowers and then add the saying "Pleasant Words are honey to the Soul". I have learned so much on this bookmark, for instance I need to work on my counting, lol!


  1. I love your bookmark! Can't wait to see it finished. I've never been good at cross stitch so admire those that can do it. Keep it up. All the best,
    Amaranth (comment and follow #41)

  2. I'm almost speechless [since I'm obviously typing] this is gorgeous! You make me want to cross stitch with this beautiful birthmark. [Comment and Follow #41 - AJStarfish]

  3. It been a while sinceI cross stich. But I've done a lot more inbrodiary then cross stiches. At this time I'm working on some crochet pieces.
    Thank you for stop by earlier and remember the coffee is always on. (Swap Bot)

  4. This is too adorable!!! I'm dying at the thought of the infinite ideas you can have!

    Dropping by for Comment and Follow #41 via nomElizabeth

  5. comment and follow 42- scrapingd

    i am in love with this bookmark, it is so stinking cute. You always amaze me, you are so so so crafty!


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