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Friday, August 14, 2015

2 flapper rolo's front and back


  1. I love how you've repurposed these rolodex cards! I might have to look these up as an addendum to my collection of ATCs. Do you find it hard to find the cards, and the rolodex dial thingy themselves? I imagine op shops and garage sales might be the way to go? Were these for a swap or for your collection? Thanks for sharing such unique creations! - Ang (angel1985 on Swap Bot for August Blog Hop)

  2. They were for 2 different swaps. I found my round one first on ebay for a few dollars. I got my flat one (actually slightly domed shaped) on amazon. I have bought a lot of rolodex cards on ebay for crazy cheap. It would have cost a lot more at the store. Thanks for posting.


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